Imagine 2012 - Day 1

Mon, 04/23/2012 - 19:20

So, here we are! just arrived to the hotel room, exhausted after a long first day. 

It all started around noon, with the registration to the conference. We consider ourselves fairly experienced guys, who had seen some world and are  a bit hard to surprise... but boy, we were not prepared to know characters like this without astonishment. Here, without further ado, I give you... The Magento Ninja!

The Magento shinobi! tremble with fear, you samurais of the osCommerce

Believe it or not, this guy is actually involved in the Magento community, and not someone hired to cheer us up... altough that he did. Kudos to him (I better say that, unless I want to die any minute, just after seeing some blurry movements next to me).

After the registration we had some minutes to eat something, and the BarCamp started. The BarCamp was a series of rapid-firing sessions, presenting different topics about Magento. We splitted up to try attend as many as we could, knowing that it wasn't possible to catch all up, we had to miss some.

This happened in a the bar at the 16th floor of the M resort, with a fantastic view to Las Vegas and the desert:


Some highlights from the sessions we attended:


Tomorrow is going to be available the first Magento extension using Fabric. It is called "Magento Sell on eBay", and will allow to publish the catalog defined in Magento into eBay. No much info about specifics yet, so we'll have to check to know more about this.


In a nutshell, they talked about a improved version of the native mobile app (faster and with more features), and a new HTML5/CSS3 mobile theme with cross-browser compatibility and support for mobile gestures.

Magento 2 View Layer

Quite a few good news on this. The Skin and Theme files will now be defined inside the modules (under a folder called "view"). Also, a skin will belong to just one theme, and its files will be contained on that theme. There will be an improved localization of the skins, and a much simplified fallback mechanism for the theme and skin files. There will be a new "layout" like mechanism, that is the container. These entities will contain blocks, or other containers. There will be another new concept: "page types" (not many details on this one. We'll amplify the info as soon as we know more), and last but not least, there will be a Visual Design editor, that will allow to drag and drop the blocks and containers, handling where they appear and even how they are composed (which blocks or containers are in each container). 

Visual Designer

Migration to Magento 2

The guys explained what will be the upgrade path when converting a site from Magento 1.x into Magento 2. The first step will include running a series of migration scripts that will do some updates automatically, and the second step will be a series of tests: integrity tests that scan the code, legacy tests for checking obsolete code, and several other tests. Two links to check more about this: the documentation for Magento 2, and the Source Code for it.


We attended several sessions until 5pm, and then we went to an event that was hosted by RackSpace, that was exclusive to Partners. Had some great time networking, meeting great people, and why not, having some drinks... then the time came to go to the Opening Night Networking Event! 

That was a great party, right there in the pools area of the resort. Fantastic food, great drinks, music and again, great opportunities to know other partners, merchants, people from Magento, and to talk about how we'll make Magento and the ecosystem around it better and better. 

Magento Party

So we were walking around, meeting really friendly people; and sharing experiences with so many other Magento enthusiasts, that we ended up absolutely tired. Tired, yes, but with the great feeling of knowing that we really seized the day.

Now, to get some rest and to get ready for tomorrow, that is going to a very exciting day (keynotes, more sessions, and so on and so on!).


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