Imagine 2012 - Preimagine

Mon, 04/23/2012 - 08:29

Yesterday we arrived to the M hotel from LA, after a nice driving through the desert. The hotel is beyond awesome, and so it was the first day.

We attended the two events planned for the day: the "PreImagine – A Community Sponsored Tweetup" at the M Resort Pool, and later the "Orange Collar Media – Techies on the Strip at Mandalay Bay" meet up. It was really great! we met a lot of guys, and had the chance to put a face to many names we already knew. 

The first event was just by the pool, enjoying some very necessary cold beers to mitigate the temperature (the pool helped there a whole lot too!). It was a pleasure to share time with so many people passionate about Magento, and eager to share experiences and ideas.


One of the topics that appeared very frequently in the conversations was Solr and the scenarios that it opens up. We have been working on that, and also blogging about it, so it was great to find people to share insights with. 

Now we are just about to register for the main conference. We'll be posting about the activities, so make sure to check our site often!

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Aldo works as a general mentor for the development teams, keeping in direct contact with programming and design.