imagine E-Commerce Conference 2012

Mon, 04/16/2012 - 10:29

Exciting moments!
We’re just a few days away of the 2012 edition of the Magento Imagine Conference, and the buzz is heating the atmosphere of the e-commerce industry.
Tweets like these are adding more fuel to the fire:

The social media is showing up a lot of activity related to this event, and with good reasons! The Imagine conference is THE conference for the Magento community; it is really long awaited as the main ‘lets-get-together’ moment of the year. 

Summa Solutions was present last year (it was in Los Angeles, check out this post!), and JM was our ambassador. 

He had so much of a good time, and it was so productive and enlightening that this year we decided to double our presence… yes, I’m self-sacrificing enough to accompany him this year ;)

We’re really thrilled to assist, and we’re having a hard time coordinating for the plethora of options we’ll have. There are plenty of activities to attend, both in the Technology and Business tracks. 

It is a good thing that I’m a geek guy and JM can happily swim through the business waters, so we’ll be able to take a lot of value from the talks. Check here to see the Conference's Agenda. 

Very interesting things! I’m looking forward particularly to “Making the Most of Magento APIs” and to “The Fast, the Slow and the Ugly: a Magento Cache Showdown” and to “Mobile Experience: Design Once, Sell Everywhere” and to… hey! You get the idea. The whole bunch of talks is indispensable.

I’m sure JM can’t wait to attend the business speaks as well. 

We’ll make sure to tweet and blog about it pretty much real-time, and to enrich our posts from the hotel at night, so don’t forget checking our site and Twitter quite often to know what’s going on!

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