Customer Success Story


Cetrogar is one of the biggest retail chains in Argentina, selling a great variety of products, from small electronics to furniture, including audio, video, computers, and many more things.

Cetrogar had a huge success since it's foundation in 1980, with a great expansion through many cities in Argentina.

The time was due to move into the realm of e-commerce!


The company has several systems (ERP, CRM) that had to be integrated with the e-commerce, as seamlessly as possible.

The goal was to have a very quick implementation (3 months for the whole project), and achieve a complete integration with the existing business processes and systems.

Also, the invoicing of the sales had to done through the web-services of AFIP (it is the Argentinian analog to USA’s IRS). This required a very specific custom development, with many unknowns to unravel.


The solution was implemented using Magento Community Edition, with multiple customizations for the different integrations.

These integrations included bi-directional catalog updates (from Magento to the SAP system that is used by the brick & mortar stores, and vice versa), integration with the Payment Gateway (Decidir), with the logistics provider (OCA), with Cetrogar's proprietary Warehouse Management System, and with the AFIP web services.

The initial objective was to achieve all these integrations on time, and to have the e-commerce operational in a very short time frame.

Now that this is accomplished, we’ll work together into a phase II of the system, helping Cetrogar to keep pushing forward!