Customer Success Story


Gollo is one of the biggest retail chains in Costa Rica. In operation since the 1980's, Gollo grew its operation to have in the present days more than 115 sale points and warehouses distributed in all the Costa Rican territory, achieving presence in all provinces of the country.


The site had to be responsive (and it was implemented before RWD was available in Magento).

The project included the development of many integrations with the internal systems of the company, It has to offer a store pickup feature, some special layered navigation features, and Apache Solr search with added features (a better autosuggest mechanism, the capability of indexing and searching CMS content, etc).


The solution was implemented with Magento EE.

Between many customizations, we can highlight:

  • Enhanced integration with Apache Solr.
  • Price and stock integration with the company's internal systems.
  • Integration with several payment methods: Paypal, Credomatic, Credomatic Tasa cero.
  • Integration with Mailchimp.
  • Many custom reports.
  • Kiosc version of the site (to show the product catalog in the physical branches, using tablets).