La Curacao

Customer Success Story


La Curacao is a leader Central American retail chain, with presence in several countries, including stores in USA. It operates in the consumer durables sector, specializing in furniture, appliances, and electronics.

The project goal was to build an e-commerce with an omnichannel strategy, allowing the interaction between the brick & mortar stores and the online one.


The e-commerce had to be multi-site, to be able to attend the different needs and rules that apply to the different countries. The payment methods, for instance, are different per country.
The stock needed to be independent per website.

The e-commerce had to be integrated with several systems that the company already has in place.
It must allow to have kiosks, that enable the customers in the brick & mortar stores to find quicker what they want, and to have a better purchasing experience.

All this meant the need of many customizations and special development.


The solution was implemented utilizing Magento Enterprise Edition, configured to use the Apache Solr search engine (customized to offer a better autosuggest feature, and also indexing the CMS pages), special geolocation features (to help the user and to ensure some restrictions that apply according to the region), and a responsive theme that allow an optimized view accross different devices.

The platform allowed the company to meet its needs of innovation and expanded reach, and keep offering the best to its clients (as it has been doing since 1911)