Customer Success Story


The people at Stockngo recognized that when you’re juggling a thousand-and-one things, dragging yourself to the drug store is, well, a drag.
Not to mention a waste of gas, effort, and precious downtime.

So why bother making the trip when you don’t have to? At Stockn'Go, they make it a point - no, a mission - to create tangible shopping solutions that actually keep you in mind and complement, even improve, your life. So instead of running around looking for the toiletries aisle, you can leave the chores to Stockngo.

All you need to do is click, order, and answer the door when the goods arrive.


Stock and Go had several complexities behind the curtains, going from multiple warehouse needs (several different suppliers), to integrations with AS/400.

Also, some complex shipping rules: for example, there are  hazardous products that can’t be shipped by air, or there are product’s that cannot be shipped to some specific states (i.e.: California) unless there is an environmentally free version available.

The inventory information needs to be continuously synchronized with the AS/400 system of the company that manages their warehouses. This synchronization of info is bi-directional.


The solution was implemented with Magento Enterprise Edition. It has an extensive list of customizations:

  • Multiple vendors (Unirgy UDropship extension) catalog
  • Responsive design (before it was default in Magento) AS/400 Integrations
  • Shipping customizations (Hazardous Materials management, Environmentally Friendly products restrictions).