Tienda Supervielle

Customer Success Story


Tienda Supervielle belongs to Grupo Supervielle, an Argentinian company with more than 2 million customers. 


Tienda Supervielle is the first marketplace sponsored by VTEX outside Brazil that lets customers buy products from a variety of brands and categories, including electronics, wines, sportswear, beauty and personal care, and even more! 


Presenting an easy checkout process and good notification features, this online shop makes the buy process a real pleasure and customers feel very comfortable during it, obtaining clear and transparent information on every step.


Tienda Supervielle required a flexible and scalable platform to build a Markpetplace that would allow them to manage catalog synchronization from different vendors, split payments, complex order management flows and logistics automation.


Summa Solutions worked with VTEX on setting up an innovative Marketplace system.  The solution includes a connector to make possible the migration and publication of more than 20,000 SKUs from dozens of vendors using a variety of E-Commerce platforms. This tool helps configuring accurate information for the published products in the marketplace, considering the mapped brands, categories and specifications. The solution also allows Tienda Supervielle to handle split payments and automated orders routing, all within a PCI Certified checkout from VTEX.