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X.Commerce Introduction Part 2: Registering a Capability

In my last post I wrote a brief about X.Commerce concepts and my thought about what is going on with it, in this post I am going to show you how to register capabilities, this post is a simple explanation of how to start the Fabric and register capabilities and authorize Tenants.
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X.Commerce Introduction Part 1 - The Fabric

A couple of weeks ago, we were talking about the future of commerce and some new possibilities when somebody mentioned “XCommerce”, I was a little bit shocked since I never heard any of it, so I started my own research, a few days later I was really excited with what I found so I’m here to tell you what is it all about.
X.Commerce ( it is not one product, it is a platform that involves many products and participants, what they call Ecosystem. For a very promising start, the drivers of this concept are no others than eBay ™,

Adobe Air, I want to introduce you to Magento

A short tutorial using Adobe Flex to build a small mobile application for iPhone/iPad that manages the list of customers on a Magento ecommerce site

Summa Solutions became a Magento Partner

We're proud to announce that we are one of the few official Magento Partners in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Magento - Apache Solr Integration - Part II (setup)

Install, configure, enable, index... profit!
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Magento - Apache Solr Integration - Part I (intro)

Have you ever dreamed of a better search in your Magento sites? I bet you did! This post starts a short series of articles showing how we could make that dream come true.

Acceptance Tests on Magento with Fitnesse

Here you will find a step by step guide to get Acceptance Tests on Magento with Fitnesse.

Custom reports on Magento

Need to create a custom report on Magento? Here you will find a complete guide to do it and a few tips that will help you to customizations.

How to move Magento to another domain?

Normally there are some issues to solve while moving Magento to a different domain. Here's how to prepare for them.

PHPUnit + Netbeans, integration with Magento

Want to make your unit test in a easy way? If you already have configured your environment as in my previous post, now you can use it to create unit tests on Magento.


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