Our Clients Say

"Summa has been great to work with on a variety of projects. The team is knowledgeable, asks thoughtful questions, tests thoroughly and provides a well-rounded team to meet the requirements.  We have enjoyed working with them and will continue to look to them for projects in the future!"
Amanda Brooks
e-Commerce Discipline Lead
Digital Evolution Group - http://www.digitalev.com/
"We have been very pleased with our experience with Summa Solutions. When we looked for a partnership for our development needs, Summa had the skills, process and procedures that mapped well into our environment.We have been very impressed with not only the development talent but the architectural expertise as well. We look forward to continuing our strong working relationship."
Eduardo Don Jr.
"Summa Solutions developed an automation tool, integrated with our statistical analysis platform, that reduced dramatically the processing time in market analysis projects for our clients.The methodology used by Summa Solutions, based in short iterations and daily feedback, maximized the ROI by allowing us to prioritize those funtionalities that added more value to our business, and to introduce changes during the development of the project."
Leandro Caruso